SAS Statistical Business Analyst exam training

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    SAS Statistical Business Analyst exam training

    The SAS Statistical Business Analyst exam training is designed for individuals aiming to enhance their proficiency in statistical analysis and business intelligence using SAS software. SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a powerful analytics platform widely used across industries for data management, advanced analytics, and business intelligence.

    This training program provides comprehensive instruction on utilizing SAS tools and techniques for statistical analysis, data manipulation, predictive modeling, and reporting. Participants learn how to effectively apply statistical methods to extract valuable insights from data, optimize decision-making processes, and drive business growth.

    Key topics covered in the SAS Statistical Business Analyst exam training may include:

    1. SAS programming: Learning the fundamentals of SAS programming language and syntax for data manipulation, analysis, and reporting.
    2. Statistical analysis techniques: Understanding various statistical methods such as descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and multivariate analysis.
    3. Predictive modeling: Exploring predictive modeling techniques using SAS tools such as SAS Enterprise Miner to develop predictive models for forecasting and risk assessment.
    4. Data visualization: Creating insightful data visualizations and reports using SAS Visual Analytics or other SAS reporting tools to communicate findings effectively.
    5. Business applications: Applying statistical analysis and predictive modeling techniques to address real-world business challenges across various industries, such as finance, healthcare, marketing, and retail.

    By completing the SAS Statistical Business Analyst exam training, individuals gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pass the SAS Statistical Business Analyst certification exam. This certification validates their expertise in using SAS software for statistical analysis and business intelligence, enhancing their credibility and career opportunities in the field of analytics and data-driven decision-making.

    SAS Statistical Business Analyst Exam Details & Instructions 


    These objectives will be tested on the exam. For more information about each objective, download the complete exam content guide.

    10% – ANOVA.

    20% – Linear regression.

    25% – Logistic regression.

    20% – Prepare inputs for predictive model performance.

    25% – Measure model performance.


    SAS Statistical Business Analysis Using SAS®9: Regression and Modeling Exam

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    This exam is administered by SAS and Pearson VUE.

    60 multiple choice and short-answer questions.

    In addition to the 60 scored items, there may be up to five unscored items.

    Two hours to complete exam.

    Passing score is 68%.



    Exam fee in the US and most other countries.

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