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    SAS Statistical Business Analyst Exam Details & Instructions

    The SAS Statistical Business Analyst Exam evaluates proficiency in using SAS software for statistical analysis in business contexts. It covers data manipulation, advanced statistical techniques, and interpretation of results. The exam includes multiple-choice and scenario-based questions on topics like hypothesis testing, regression analysis, and data visualization. Preparation involves practicing with tools, understanding statistical concepts, and leveraging resources like documentation and training materials. Successful candidates demonstrate their ability to apply for data-driven decision-making in business settings.

    SAS Statistical Business Analyst Exam Content

    These objectives will be tested on the exam. For more information about each objective, download the complete exam content guide. The SAS Statistical Business Analyst Exam Content provides a detailed overview of the key objectives tested in the exam. By downloading the complete guide, candidates gain insights into the specific areas covered, enabling focused preparation for success in utilizing SAS software for statistical analysis in business contexts.

    10% – ANOVA.

    20% – Linear regression.

    25% – Logistic regression.

    20% – Prepare inputs for predictive model performance.

    25% – Measure model performance.

    Exam Details

    SAS Statistical Business Analysis Using SAS®9: Regression and Modeling Exam

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    This exam is administered by SAS and Pearson VUE.

    60 multiple choice and short-answer questions.

    In addition to the 60 scored items, there may be up to five unscored items.

    Two hours to complete exam.

    Passing score is 68%.

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    Exam fee in the US and most other countries.

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