QlikSense Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online


QlikSense Data Analytics Objectives :
a). Qlik Sense Data Analytics
b). Data Science
c). Business Intelligence
d). Analytics Expert


a). Basic Knowledge on SQL
b). Basik knowledge on Data Warhousing
c). Basic knowlege on OOPs concept
Topics : 
1. Introduction to Qlik Sense Data Analytics Platform
2. Introduction Data modelling with Qliksense Data Manager
3. Data modelling using data load editor, Syn key, Circular reference, Qualify
4. Transformation, Join, Keep, Exit Script
5. Various types of data connection, REST API, Excel, Inline load, Resident load
6. Creation Master library, Dimension, Measure, Drilldown dimensions
7. Intro to viz, Filter pane, Bar chart, single and multi dimensional analysis
8. Intro to viz, KPI control, Line chart, Area chart, Drilldown, Multi Dim &measure
9. Intro to viz, Box plot, bullet chart, combo chart, distribution plot, container
10. Intro to viz, gauge, pie, donut, mekko, treemap object
11. Intro to viz, Map Object, Scatter Plot, Waterfall chart
12. Intro to viz, Pivot table, Straight table, Matrix, if else condition, color func
13. Data warehouse, Fact, Dimension, Star & Snowflake, Alternate State, Variable
14. Storytelling, Bookmark, Master Calendar
15. Set Analysis, Where clauses, in operator, Mapping table, Apply Map
16. Mashup API, Hypercube, Qliksense Extension
17. QlikView to QlikSense Converter and Incremental Load
18. Section Access, Document Level, Data Level Security
19. Section Access, Document Level, Data Level Security
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