Microsoft Power BI with Data Modeling and Analysis Expressions

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    Training Mode: Online


    The Hands-on MS Power BI Data Modeling Training at Locus Academy offers a comprehensive learning experience tailored for individuals seeking to master the art of data modeling using Microsoft Power BI.

    Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, participants will delve into the intricacies of data modeling within the Power BI environment.



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Data Modeling

    Importance of Data Modeling in Business Intelligence

    UNIT 2 : Power BI Interface and Navigation

    Introduction to Power BI Desktop
    Understanding the Power BI workspace

    UNIT 3 : Data Sources and Loading Data

    Connecting to various data sources
    Loading and transforming data in Power BI

    UNIT 4 : Data Modeling Fundamentals

    Introduction to Data Modeling
    Entities, Attributes, and Relationships

    UNIT 5 : DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) Basics

    Understanding DAX syntax
    Creating calculated columns and measures

    UNIT 6 : Advanced Data Modeling Techniques

    Handling different relationship types
    Time Intelligence functions in DAX

    UNIT 7 : Optimizing Data Models

    Improving model performance
    Best practices for efficient data modeling

    UNIT 8 : Hierarchies and Drillthroughs

    Creating hierarchies for better analysis
    Implementing drillthroughs in Power BI

    UNIT 9 : Data Visualization

    Building compelling visualizations
    Customizing and formatting visuals

    UNIT 10 : Dashboard and Report Creation

    Designing interactive dashboards
    Creating comprehensive reports

    UNIT 11 : Data Modeling Case Studies

    Real-world examples of effective data modeling
    Practical applications in business scenarios

    UNIT 12 : Data Model Deployment and Sharing

    Deploying models to the Power BI service
    Sharing and collaborating on models

    UNIT 13 : Data Governance and Security

    Implementing data governance best practices
    Setting up security for Power BI models

    UNIT 14 : Power BI and External Tools Integration

    Integration with Excel and other external tools
    Extending Power BI functionality


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