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    Celonis Training in Bangalore Offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands On Practical Classes with Best Industrial Experts and Working on Real Time Projects. therefore here are some Course Content.

    1: Introduction to Process Mining
    • Overview of Process Mining and its Benefits and then introduction to Celonis and its features.
    • Hands-on: Navigating platform
    • Data preparation for Process mining

    Session: Creating a Celonis EMS Account

    • Introduce Celonis EMS and its role in managing process execution.
    • Guide participants on how to create an account on the EMS platform and then Demonstrate how to access and utilize EMS functionalities.

     Session: Creating a Celonis LMS Account

    • Explain the importance of  LMS for accessing learning resources and materials related to Celonis Process Mining.
    • Guide participants on how to create an account on the LMS platform. therefore, it demonstrate how to access relevant courses and training materials on the LMS.
     2: Data Integration and Data Sources
    • Connecting data sources moreover Understanding data requirements and formats.
    • Hands-on: Importing data .
    3: Process Analysis – Event Logs
    • Understanding event logs and their significance. furthermore identifying
    • Hands-on: Analyzing event logs.
    4: Process Visualization
    • Creating meaningful process visualizations  and then Understanding different types of process maps.
    • Hands-on: Visualizing processes.
     5: Process Enhancement
    • Identifying improvement opportunities using Celonis insights.
    • Process optimization techniques.
    • Hands-on: Analyzing process improvement potential.
     6: Root Cause Analysis
    • Understanding Root cause analysis in Process mining
    • Hands-on: Identifying root causes .
    7: Process KPIs and Metrics
    • Defining process KPIs and performance metrics.
    • Monitoring and then  measuring process performance.
    • Hands-on: Setting up KPIs.
    8: Advanced Analysis Techniques
    • Process variants and variant analysis  and then predictive analytics .
    • Hands-on: Applying advanced analysis in Celonis.
    9: Process Automation and Actionable Insights
    • Process automation possibilities.
    • Utilizing Celonis to drive actionable insights
    • Hands-on: Implementing automation
    10: Case Studies and Final Project
    • Reviewing real-world case studies of Celonis implementations.
    • Final project: Participants apply Process Mining to a sample business process. Please Visit Celonis Official Site

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