Advanced Techniques in Business Event Processing with TIBCO

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    Training Mode: Online


    This advanced training course is designed to equip participants with the advanced techniques and skills necessary for proficient business event processing using TIBCO technologies. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will delve into sophisticated event processing methodologies, leveraging TIBCO’s cutting-edge tools and platforms at Locus Academy .

    The course will cover advanced topics such as complex event processing (CEP), event stream processing (ESP), real-time analytics, and event-driven architecture (EDA) using TIBCO’s suite of solutions. Participants will gain hands-on experience in designing, implementing, and optimizing event-driven systems tailored to meet the dynamic demands of modern business environments.

    Moreover, the training will explore best practices, industry use cases, and practical insights to empower participants to apply advanced event processing techniques effectively . Whether you are a TIBCO developer, architect, or business analyst, this course will elevate your proficiency in business event processing and enable you to drive innovation and agility within your organization.


    1 . Introduction

    1.1 Overview of Tibco Business Events
    1.2 Key Features
    1.3 System Requirements

    2 . Installation and Setup

    2.1 Installation Guide
    2.2 Configuration
    2.3 Licensing

    3 . Getting Started

    3.1 Quick Start Guide
    3.2 Creating Your First Project
    3.3 Understanding Concepts

    4 . Development Environment

    4.1 Studio Interface
    4.2 Project Structure
    4.3 Rule Development
    4.4 Event Processing

    5 . Event Patterns

    5.1 Introduction to Event Patterns
    5.2 Creating and Managing Event Patterns
    5.3 Pattern Matching

    6 . Rules and Actions

    6.1 Rule Design
    6.2 Action Development
    6.3 Rule Deployment

    7 . Event Sources and Listeners

    7.1 Configuring Event Sources
    7.2 Implementing Event Listeners
    7.3 Event Channels in Tibco Bussiness

    8 . Deployment and Monitoring

    8.1 Deployment Strategies
    8.2 Monitoring and Logging
    8.3 Performance Optimization

    9 . Integration with Other Tibco Products

    9.1 Tibco Business Works Integration
    9.2 Tibco Enterprise Message Service Integration


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