Worksoft Automation Training for Professionals

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    Training Mode: Online


    Worksoft automation hands-on exercises Provides Continuous Automation Designed For Testing Critical Business Apps . Increase the pace of innovation with on-time delivery of new enterprise software , Web Apps, Enterprise Apps .

    Elevate your automation skills with our comprehensive Worksoft Automation Training for Professionals, to clarify where participants delve into a hands-on learning experience designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

    Through engaging exercises, participants gain practical expertise in use of Worksoft Certify, the industry’s leading automation tool, to streamline business processes effectively.

    From mastering process capture techniques to executing tests with accuracy, our course covers essential topics essential for automation success.

    Moreover, participants receive targeted guidance to prepare for the Worksoft automation certification exam, but before that ensuring they are equipped to excel in their automation endeavors. With flexible learning options and ongoing support, our Worksoft Automation Training provides the ideal platform to enhance career prospects and drive automation initiatives within any organization.


    1 . Introduction to Worksoft Automation

    1.1 Overview of Worksoft
    1.2 Importance of Automation in Testing
    1.3 Benefits of Worksoft Automation

    2 . Worksoft automation certification Basis

    2.1 Installation and Setup
    2.2 Navigating the Worksoft Certify Interface
    2.3 Basic Components of Worksoft automation certification

    3 . Test Planning in Worksoft

    3.1 Understanding Test Planning
    3.2 Creating and Managing Test Plans
    3.3 Best Practices for Test Planning

    4 . Test Design in Worksoft

    4.1 Designing Test Cases in Worksoft automation certification
    4.2 Working with Test Data
    4.3 Enhancing Test Design Efficiency

    5 . Test Execution in Worksoft

    5.1 Executing Test Cases
    5.2 Analyzing Test Results
    5.3 Debugging and Troubleshooting with Worksoft automation hands-on exercises

    6 . Advanced Worksoft Features

    6.1 Parameterization and Data-Driven Testing
    6.2 Integration with Continuous Integration (CI) Tools
    6.3 Customization and Scripting

    7 . Best Practices for Worksoft Automation

    7.1 Test Maintenance Strategies
    7.2 Collaboration and Version Control
    7.3 Performance Optimization

    8 . Reporting and Analytics

    8.1 Generating Reports with Worksoft automation hands-on exercises
    8.2 Analyzing Test Metrics
    8.3 Improving Testing Strategies Based on Analytics


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