Cloud-Based Marketing Automation in Salesforce (SFMC)

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    Training Mode: Online


    Explore the power of cloud-based marketing automation through Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) in this comprehensive course.

    Delve into the intricacies of SFMC and learn how to leverage its robust features to drive targeted marketing campaigns, streamline customer engagement, and optimize marketing efforts across multiple channels. From building customer journeys and automating email campaigns to analyzing campaign performance and implementing personalized experiences, this course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the full potential of SFMC for your marketing initiatives.

    Whether you’re a marketer looking to enhance your digital marketing skills or a business professional aiming to maximize marketing efficiency, this course offers practical insights and hands-on experience to elevate your marketing strategies in the digital age.


    1 . Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    Overview of SFMC
    Key features and capabilities

    2 . Email Studio

    Creating and managing email campaigns
    Designing email content
    Personalization and dynamic content
    A/B testing

    3 . Automation Studio

    Setting up marketing automation
    Journey Builder in Cloud-Based Marketing
    Automation workflows
    Triggers and actions

    4 . Data Management 

    Importing and exporting data
    Data extensions
    Segmentation and targeting
    Data cleansing and maintenance

    5 . Mobile Studio

    SMS marketing
    Push notifications
    In-app messaging in Cloud-Based Marketing

    6 . Social Studio

    Social media marketing strategies
    Social listening and monitoring
    Publishing and engagement

    7 . Advertising Studio

    Audience creation and targeting
    Ad creation and management
    Social advertising integration

    8 . Analytics and Reporting

    Tracking and measuring campaign performance
    Reporting tools and dashboards in Cloud-Based Marketing
    Optimization based on analytics

    9 . Integration with other Salesforce Clouds

    Integration with Sales Cloud
    Integration with Service Cloud
    Cross-cloud data synchronization


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