BMC Certified Associate: Control-M 20.x for Administrators Online Exam

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    Online Assessment and Practical Exam

    Companies deploying and using Control-M realize full value only when their solution is effectively implemented, operated, and administrated. To ensure deployments and operations are performed to best practice standards, BMC Software maintains a technical certification program..

    The BMC Certified Associate: Control-M 20.x for Administrators Online Exam will validate the technical competencies needed to successfully administer and manage the Control-M environment.

    Steps to Certifications

    Step 1. Take the recommended courses for the Certified Associate learning path. The last course in the learning path includes one certification exam attempt without further charges. There will be 50% discount on additional attempts of this exam. OR If you haven´t taken the recommended courses, purchase the required exam (attempts).

    Step 2. Study and prepare for the exam. BMC recommends 6 weeks and also a minimum of [3] months experience with the product before taking the exam.

    Step 3. Take and pass the exam.

    Step 4. If you have failed the exam, purchase another exam attempt and start at step 2.

    Examination Details

    • Exam is an online exam.
    • Further details and terms and conditions are available in the BMC Certifications Program Guide and BMC Education Certification Policy.


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