In the dynamic landscape of higher education, institutions are increasingly relying on data analytics to drive decision-making, enhance student outcomes, and optimize operational efficiency. SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) emerges as a powerful tool tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of the higher education sector, offering comprehensive data analytics solutions to universities and colleges worldwide.

One of the most important things within the Higher Education industry is to ensure that your students are satisfied. A simple way to do this is to implement an SAP platform as your ERP system. SAP can deliver the ultimate customer experience to students, professors, administrators, and advisors. Creating a unified experience brings universities together. As for research companies, SAP can streamline the research study process through digital automation and more. Not only does SAP keep educational institutions better organized, but it helps them plan for the future.

SAP Predicts that by 2025 outreach and support will be the worldwide keys to compete in the education industry. Creating personalized interactive relationships and focusing on continuous student engagement is what keeps students satisfied. SAP reports some key value drivers are results of a minimum of 10% savings in total costs and a 10-20% increase in customer satisfaction.

Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform that integrates business intelligence, augmented analytics, and planning capabilities. It provides institutions with the ability to visualize data, uncover insights, and collaborate on informed decision-making. SAC’s user-friendly interface, advanced features, and robust functionalities make it an invaluable asset for higher education institutions striving to leverage data-driven strategies for success.

How SAP Analytics Cloud Works in Higher Education

Student Success and Retention Analysis:

SAC enables institutions to analyze student data comprehensively, including academic performance, engagement metrics, and demographic information. By identifying at-risk students early and understanding the factors influencing student success, universities can implement targeted interventions to improve retention rates and enhance student outcomes.

Operational Efficiency and Resource Optimization:

SAC allows higher education institutions to optimize resource allocation and streamline operational processes. From budget planning and financial management to facility utilization and staffing optimization, SAC provides actionable insights to enhance efficiency and maximize the utilization of institutional resources.

Curriculum Planning and Program Evaluation:

SAC facilitates curriculum planning and program evaluation by analyzing course enrollment data, student feedback, and learning outcomes. Institutions can identify trends in course popularity, assess the effectiveness of instructional strategies, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the quality and relevance of academic programs.

Admissions and Enrollment Management:

SAC empowers universities to optimize admissions and enrollment management processes by analyzing applicant data, admissions trends, and enrollment projections. By identifying target demographics and forecasting enrollment trends, institutions can optimize recruitment efforts and achieve enrollment targets effectively.

Here are some of the ways SAP can benefit the Higher Education and Research industry:

1) Deliver Advanced Academic & Commercial Research Results

With SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud, track and trace all aspects of your research process, from ongoing activities to funding. With predictive modeling capabilities you are able to automate and create algorithms tailored to your needs. With SAP Innovation Management, keep up with the ever-changing business ecosystem, staying innovative at all times. Utilize this platform to manage your university’s ideas and publications pipeline, view all activities at once, and monitor your content development projects in real-time. For sponsored projects, allow key researchers to easily follow compliance guidelines.

2) Easily Track Revenue From Grants

With SAP Customer Experience, an all-in-one integrated system, manage grant budgets easily. For the payment process, streamline reporting project management, follow budgets, and improve timing and accuracy of payments with SAP S/4HANA. Follow sponsor requirements with automated compliance closeout rules as well. Standardize your budget and gain insights into your financial data to create the most optimal decisions when it comes to allocating funds.

3) Improve Admissions Process

Accelerate the student admissions process, organize and enhance student personal information and achievements, along with their grades, all the way up until graduation. Follow rules for individual degree requirements and monitor student progress towards graduation. Manage your curriculum and optimize it to be as useful as possible for your university using SAP S/4HANA. Avoid system malfunctions and schedule timely maintenance to avoid gaps in recruiting key students.

Fig. SAP’s New World Scenario for the Admissions Process

4) Engage Your Students

Create personalized buying experiences for students, whether it is for books, apparel, or food on campus. Recruit impressive prospects to attend your university by creating appealing campaigns and with cross-channel touchpoints. Follow the student customer journey and gain insight into their behaviors and interests to promote a personalized experience that will fit with their vision of an ideal university. Collaborate within the comprehensive platform to deliver this content on social media to keep your brand in their minds, engaging them at every possible touchpoint in the recruitment process.

5) Create a Comprehensive Overview of Student Progress

Support academic advisors and administrators by giving them a single, comprehensive view of all student data. Gain insight into student performance and engagement, providing you the information to make changes to help them become the most successful in their academic careers. Keeping track of the success of students allows universities to change their curriculum to ensure that only resourceful classes are being held, saving time and money. Send out automated warnings for poor performance to help always keep your students aware of their grades. Boosting retention rates will raise graduation rates and will ultimately lead to alumni satisfaction and donations.

With more students participating in virtual lectures and online discussions it is increasingly important to organize your university to ensure student satisfaction throughout this time. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic should accelerate the digital transformation of the higher education and research industry, bettering it for the future. SAP can transform both higher education institutions and research companies by helping them gain insights with real-time advanced analytics and an all-in-one platform that yields better decisions, improved internal processes, customer satisfaction, and increased return on investment.

Real-world Applications and Success Stories

Retention Improvement Initiatives:

Universities use SAC to implement targeted retention improvement initiatives, such as early alert systems and academic advising interventions. By identifying at-risk students and providing timely support, institutions have reported significant improvements in retention rates and student success metrics.

Resource Optimization Strategies:

SAC helps universities optimize resource allocation strategies, such as classroom scheduling and faculty workload management. By analyzing course demand patterns and faculty availability, institutions can maximize the utilization of facilities and personnel, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Program Evaluation and Accreditation Compliance:

SAC supports program evaluation and accreditation compliance efforts by providing comprehensive analytics on student learning outcomes and program effectiveness. By demonstrating evidence of educational quality and continuous improvement, institutions can maintain accreditation status and enhance their reputation in the higher education landscape.


SAP Analytics Cloud represents a transformative solution for higher education institutions seeking to leverage data analytics for strategic decision-making and institutional advancement. With its advanced features, industry-specific capabilities, and real-world applications, SAC empowers universities and colleges to unlock insights, enhance student success, and drive excellence in higher education. As institutions continue to embrace data-driven strategies, SAC will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of higher education.

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