Power BI Design Thinking

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    UNIT I. Introduction to Power BI and Design Thinking

    A. Overview of Power BI
    B. Introduction to Design Thinking
    C. Importance of Integrating Design Thinking in Power BI Projects

    UNIT II. Understanding User Needs and Requirements

    A. Conducting User Research for Power BI Projects
    B. Defining User Personas and Scenarios
    C. Identifying Key Requirements through Empathy Mapping

    UNIT III. Ideation and Prototyping in Power BI Design

    A. Brainstorming Techniques for Power BI Solutions
    B. Prototyping Tools and Best Practices
    C. Creating Interactive Prototypes for Data Visualization

    UNIT IV. Data Visualization Principles

    A. Fundamentals of Effective Data Visualization
    B. Choosing the Right Charts and Graphs in Power BI
    C. Color Theory and Accessibility in Power BI Design

    UNIT V. Collaborative Design Workshops for Power BI Projects

    A. Facilitating Design Thinking Workshops
    B. Collaborative Problem-Solving in Power BI Teams
    C. Iterative Design Process in Power BI Projects

    UNIT VI. Incorporating User Feedback

    A. Gathering and Analyzing User Feedback in Power BI
    B. Making Iterative Improvements Based on User Input
    C. Continuous Evaluation and Adjustment of Power BI Designs

    UNIT VII. Case Studies and Best Practices

    A. Real-world Examples of Successful Power BI Design Thinking Integration
    B. Best Practices for Implementing Design Thinking in Power BI Projects


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