Angular and React

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Angular –

    Unit 1: Introduction to Angular
    Overview of Angular
    Setting Up the Angular Development Environment

    Unit 2: Angular Components
    Understanding Angular Components
    Creating and Using Components
    Component Lifecycle

    Unit 3: Data Binding and Forms in Angular
    Data Binding in Angular
    Template-driven Forms
    Reactive Forms

    Unit 4: Routing in Angular
    Introduction to Angular Routing
    Configuring Routes
    Route Guards

    Unit 5: Services and Dependency Injection in Angular
    Overview of Angular Services
    Dependency Injection in Angular
    Using Services in Angular Components

    Unit 6: HTTP and Angular
    Making HTTP Requests in Angular
    Handling Responses and Error Handling
    Interceptors and HttpClients

    Unit 7: Angular Directives
    Understanding Angular Directives
    Built-in Directives
    Custom Directives

    Unit 8: Angular Pipes
    Introduction to Angular Pipes
    Built-in Pipes
    Creating Custom Pipes

    Unit 9: Testing in Angular
    Overview of Testing in Angular
    Unit Testing with Jasmine and Karma
    End-to-End Testing with Protractor

    Unit 10: Deployment and Optimization
    Building and Deploying Angular Applications
    Optimizing Angular Applications
    Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Angular

    React –

    Unit 1: Introduction to React
    Overview of React
    Setting Up the React Development Environment

    Unit 2: React Components
    Understanding React Components
    Functional Components vs. Class Components
    JSX and Rendering Elements

    Unit 3: State and Props in React
    Managing State in React
    Working with Props
    Stateful vs. Stateless Components

    Unit 4: React Hooks
    Introduction to React Hooks
    useState and useEffect Hooks
    Custom Hooks

    Unit 5: React Router
    Basics of React Router
    Configuring Routes in React
    Route Parameters and Navigation

    Unit 6: Managing Forms in React
    Controlled Components
    Form Handling in React
    Form Validation

    Unit 7: React Context API
    Overview of React Context
    Creating and Using Context
    Context vs. Props

    Unit 8: Managing Side Effects in React
    Asynchronous Operations in React
    Data Fetching in React
    Handling Side Effects with useEffect

    Unit 9: Testing in React
    Testing Components in React
    Unit Testing with Jest
    Snapshot Testing and Testing Libraries

    Unit 10: Deployment and Optimization
    Building and Deploying React Applications
    Code Splitting and Lazy Loading
    Performance Optimization in React Applications


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