Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

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    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Project Portfolio Management:

    Definition and principles of PPM
    Importance of PPM in organizational success
    Key components and processes of PPM

    UNIT 2 : Strategic Alignment:

    Aligning projects with organizational goals and strategy
    Linking project portfolios to business objectives
    Establishing criteria for project selection

    UNIT 3 : Project Prioritization and Selection:

    Methods for prioritizing and selecting projects
    Cost-benefit analysis and return on investment (ROI)
    Risk assessment and management in project selection

    UNIT 4 : Resource Management:

    Allocating and managing resources across the project portfolio
    Balancing resource demand and capacity
    Resource optimization strategies

    UNIT 5 : Portfolio Analysis and Reporting:

    Techniques for analyzing and evaluating the project portfolio
    Generating meaningful reports and dashboards
    Key performance indicators (KPIs) for portfolio performance

    UNIT 6 : Financial Management in PPM:

    Budgeting and financial planning for project portfolios
    Cost tracking and management
    Financial risk assessment and mitigation

    UNIT 7 : Governance and Compliance:

    Establishing governance structures for PPM
    Ensuring compliance with organizational policies and regulations
    Monitoring and controlling project portfolio activities

    UNIT 8 : Risk Management in PPM:

    Identifying, assessing, and managing risks in the project portfolio
    Mitigation strategies and risk response planning
    Continuous monitoring and adjustment

    UNIT 9 : PPM Tools and Technology:

    Overview of PPM software and tools
    Evaluation and selection of PPM tools
    Implementation and integration considerations

    UNIT 10 : Case Studies and Best Practices:

    Real-world case studies of successful PPM implementations
    Best practices and lessons learned from PPM experiences
    Practical insights for overcoming common challenges

    UNIT 11 : Change Management:

    Managing organizational change related to PPM adoption
    Communication and stakeholder engagement
    Ensuring user adoption and support

    UNIT 12 : Continuous Improvement:

    Establishing a culture of continuous improvement in PPM
    Monitoring and adapting PPM processes over time
    Incorporating feedback and lessons learned


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