D365 Project Management

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Dynamics 365 Project Management

    Overview of Dynamics 365
    Importance of Project Management in D365

    UNIT 2 : Key Concepts in D365 Project Management

    Project Planning and Execution
    Resource Management
    Budgeting and Financials

    UNIT 3 : Navigating the D365 Project Management Interface

    Introduction to the D365 UI
    Basic Navigation and Features

    UNIT 4 : Project Setup and Configuration

    Creating and Configuring Projects
    Defining Project Parameters

    UNIT 5 : Task and Work Package Management

    Creating and Managing Tasks
    Work Package Organization

    UNIT 6 : Resource Allocation and Management

    Assigning Resources to Projects
    Monitoring Resource Workloads

    UNIT 7 : Budgeting and Cost Control

    Budget Setup and Monitoring
    Cost Tracking and Analysis

    UNIT 8 : Project Collaboration and Communication

    Team Collaboration Tools in D365
    Communication Features

    UNIT 9 : Project Reporting and Analytics

    Generating Reports and Dashboards
    Analyzing Project Performance

    UNIT 10 : Integration with Other Systems

    Integrating D365 Project Management with other business systems
    Data Exchange and Synchronization


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