Training on Net Express Cobol and RPD skillsets

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    Training Mode: Online


    Net Express Cobol RPD skill enables you to develop cobol applications as. Net managed code for deploying to Windows platform running the Net Framework, and as traditional [unmanaged] code applications for depolying to most windows, UNIX and Linux platform. Cobol is a programming language designed for business use. It is an imperative and procedural. The training on Net Express cobol skill development environment that takes core business and extends. Net Cobol RPD skill improves new application and leverage proven to business logic, data and programming resources, dramatically reducing the development cycle and accelerating deployment of contemporary business applicationns.

    The Net Express Cobol RPD skill model explains how people can use experience to make effective decisions without having to generate and then prune option sets. Cobol and RPD skills in turn explains how people can make effective decisions under time pressure. This is used as the data mining approach it uses prior knowledge and recognition strategy.


    Introduction to Net Express and COBOL

    1.1 Overview of Net Express
    1.2 Introduction to COBOL
    1.3 Setting up Net Express environment

    COBOL Basics

    2.1 COBOL Program Structure
    2.2 Data Division
    2.3 Procedure Division
    2.4 Variables and Data Types
    2.5 Arithmetic and Logic Operations

    Net Express Development Environment

    3.1 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    3.2 Code Editor and Features
    3.3 Debugging Tools

    Working with Files in COBOL

    4.1 File Handling Concepts
    4.2 File Definitions in COBOL
    4.3 Sequential and Random File Access

    Structured COBOL Programming

    5.1 Conditional Statements
    5.2 Looping Structures
    5.3 Subroutines and Functions

    Error Handling and Debugging

    6.1 Exception Handling in COBOL
    6.2 Debugging Techniques
    6.3 Testing and Validation

    Introduction to Report Program Generator (RPD)

    7.1 Overview of RPD
    7.2 Report Writing Concepts
    7.3 Report Layout and Design

    Creating Reports with RPD

    8.1 RPD Syntax and Commands
    8.2 Report Headings and Footings
    8.3 Sorting and Grouping Data

    Advanced RPD Features

    9.1 Break Logic in Reports
    9.2 Summarization and Totaling
    9.3 Page Handling and Pagination

    Integration of COBOL and RPD

    10.1 Incorporating COBOL Programs into RPD
    10.2 Passing Data Between COBOL and RPD

    Reference for the Cobol and RPD skill more content is available here


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