.Net Core Blazor

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    Unit 1: Introduction to Blazor
    Overview of Blazor
    Blazor WebAssembly vs. Blazor Server
    Development Environment Setup

    Unit 2: Blazor Components
    Basics of Components
    Razor syntax and components
    Building and using components

    Unit 3: Blazor Data Binding
    One-way Data Binding
    Binding data from the component to the UI
    Displaying data in the UI
    Two-way Data Binding
    Handling user input
    Updating component state

    Unit 4: Blazor Routing
    Overview of Routing
    Setting up navigation in a Blazor application
    Configuring routes and navigation
    Route Parameters
    Passing parameters to components via routes
    Dynamic routing

    Unit 5: Dependency Injection in Blazor
    Understanding Dependency Injection
    Overview of DI in Blazor
    Registering and resolving services
    Using Dependency Injection
    Injecting services into components
    Scoped, transient, and singleton services

    Unit 6: Blazor Forms and Validation
    Building Forms
    Creating forms in Blazor
    Handling form submissions
    Validation in Blazor
    Client-side and server-side validation
    Using validation attributes

    Unit 7: Blazor Interactivity
    Handling Events
    Responding to user interactions
    Event handling in Blazor components
    Real-time Updates with SignalR
    Integrating SignalR for real-time communication
    Updating UI in response to server events

    Unit 8: Deployment and Hosting
    Deploying Blazor WebAssembly Applications
    Publishing a Blazor WebAssembly app
    Hosting options for Blazor WebAssembly
    Deploying Blazor Server Applications
    Publishing a Blazor Server app
    Choosing a hosting environment



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