Dot Net Framework [C#] + MS SQL

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to .NET Framework

    Overview of .NET Framework
    Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    Common Type System (CTS)
    .NET Framework Class Library

    2 . C# Programming Basics

    Data types and variables
    Control flow (if statements, loops)
    Functions and methods
    Object-oriented programming concepts

    3 . Advanced C# Programming

    Exception handling
    Delegates and events
    LINQ (Language Integrated Query)
    Asynchronous programming with async/await

    4 . Introduction to MS SQL Server

    Overview of relational databases
    SQL Server architecture
    Creating databases and tables
    SQL queries and data manipulation

    5 . Connecting C# with MS SQL Server

    ADO.NET basics
    SqlConnection and SqlCommand
    DataReader and DataSet
    Parameterized queries

    6 . Entity Framework

    Introduction to Entity Framework
    Code-First and Database-First approaches
    CRUD operations with Entity Framework
    LINQ to Entities

    7 . ASP.NET for Web Development

    Introduction to ASP.NET
    WebForms vs. MVC
    Creating web applications
    Working with controls and views

    8 . ASP.NET Core

    Overview of ASP.NET Core
    Building RESTful APIs
    Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core
    Middleware and pipeline

    9 . Authentication and Authorization

    Forms authentication
    Windows authentication
    Role-based authorization
    Claims-based authentication

    10 . Deployment and Security

    Deploying .NET applications
    Securing ASP.NET applications
    Best practices for application security


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