Service Now

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to ServiceNow
    1.1 Overview of ServiceNow
    1.2 Key Features and Capabilities
    1.3 ServiceNow Architecture

    Module 2: Getting Started
    2.1 Setting Up a ServiceNow Instance
    2.2 User Interface Navigation
    2.3 Basic Configuration Settings

    Module 3: User Management
    3.1 User Roles and Permissions
    3.2 Creating and Managing Users
    3.3 Groups and Access Control

    Module 4: ServiceNow Applications
    4.1 Incident Management
    4.2 Change Management
    4.3 Service Catalog
    4.4 Problem Management

    Module 5: Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
    5.1 Introduction to CMDB
    5.2 CI Classes and Relationships
    5.3 CI Lifecycle Management

    Module 6: Automation and Workflows
    6.1 Introduction to Workflows
    6.2 Creating Simple Workflows
    6.3 Automation with Business Rules and Scripting

    Module 7: Reporting and Dashboards
    7.1 Reporting Basics
    7.2 Creating and Customizing Reports
    7.3 Dashboard Configuration

    Module 8: Integration with Other Tools
    8.1 REST API Integration
    8.2 LDAP and SSO Integration
    8.3 Email Integration

    Module 9: Advanced Topics
    9.1 Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    9.2 Performance Analytics
    9.3 Scripted REST APIs


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