Performance Testing with gatling tool.

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1.1 Background
    1.2 Purpose of Performance Testing
    1.3 Importance of Performance Testing with Gatling

    Understanding Gatling
    2.1 Overview of Gatling
    2.2 Key Features
    2.3 Gatling vs. Other Performance Testing Tools

    Setting Up Gatling
    3.1 Prerequisites
    3.2 Installation of Gatling
    3.3 Configuring Gatling for Your Project

    Creating and Running Basic Gatling Scripts
    4.1 Anatomy of a Gatling Script
    4.2 Writing Your First Gatling Script
    4.3 Running Gatling Tests

    Simulations in Gatling
    5.1 Introduction to Simulations
    5.2 Building Simulations in Gatling
    5.3 Advanced Simulation Features

    Understanding Gatling Reports
    6.1 Report Structure
    6.2 Interpreting Gatling Reports
    6.3 Customizing Reports

    Parameterization and Data Feeding
    7.1 Parameterization in Gatling
    7.2 Data Feeding Strategies
    7.3 Dynamic Data in Gatling Scripts

    Assertions and Validation
    8.1 Setting Assertions in Gatling
    8.2 Validating Responses
    8.3 Interpreting Assertion Failures

    Gatling Best Practices
    9.1 Script Organization
    9.2 Test Data Management
    9.3 Scalability Considerations

    Integrating Gatling into Continuous Integration
    10.1 Jenkins Integration
    10.2 Other CI/CD Platforms

    Advanced Gatling Features
    11.1 Gatling FrontLine
    11.2 Real-Time Monitoring
    11.3 Gatling Extensions

    Troubleshooting and Debugging
    12.1 Common Issues
    12.2 Debugging Gatling Scripts
    12.3 Tips for Troubleshooting Performance Issues


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