Nunit & Dotnet Components of Azure

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to NUnit

    Understanding Unit Testing
    Introduction to NUnit
    Setting up NUnit in a .NET project
    Writing and running simple NUnit tests

    Module 2: Advanced NUnit Features

    Parameterized tests
    Test fixtures and setup/teardown
    Test organization and categories
    Mocking and Stubbing with NUnit

    Module 3: Introduction to .NET Components

    Overview of .NET framework
    Basics of C# programming language
    Introduction to .NET components and libraries
    Building and consuming .NET components

    Module 4: .NET Core and Modern .NET Development

    Understanding .NET Core
    Developing cross-platform applications
    Introduction to ASP.NET Core

    Module 5: Integrating NUnit with .NET Components

    Writing unit tests for .NET components
    Test-driven development (TDD) with NUnit
    Continuous integration and automated testing with NUnit

    Module 6: Azure Fundamentals

    Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    Azure services overview
    Setting up an Azure account and subscription
    Basic concepts of cloud computing

    Module 7: Deploying .NET Applications to Azure

    Azure App Service for web applications
    Azure DevOps for CI/CD
    Deployment slots and strategies
    Monitoring and logging in Azure

    Module 8: Advanced Azure Features

    Azure Functions and serverless computing
    Azure Container Service (AKS)
    Azure Logic Apps for workflow automation
    Azure API Management

    Module 9: Testing and Monitoring in Azure

    Application Insights for monitoring
    Azure DevOps for testing in the cloud
    Load testing and performance monitoring

    Module 10: Security and Compliance in Azure

    Azure Security Center
    Identity and Access Management in Azure
    Compliance and governance in the cloud


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