MSD Nav 2009 Production

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009

    Overview of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
    Key features and capabilities
    Navigation and user interface

    Module 2: Production Basics

    Understanding production processes
    Configuring basic production settings
    Creating and managing production orders

    Module 3: Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

    Defining and managing Bill of Materials
    Versioning and revisions

    Module 4: Routings and Work Centers

    Setting up routings
    Defining work centers
    Linking routings and work centers to production orders

    Module 5: Production Planning

    Overview of production planning
    Demand forecasting
    Capacity planning

    Module 6: Shop Floor Control

    Shop floor activities and tracking
    Resource allocation and scheduling
    Production reporting

    Module 7: Quality Control in Production

    Quality checks and inspections
    Managing non-conformities

    Module 8: Integration with Other Modules

    Integration with Inventory Management
    Integration with Sales and Purchase modules
    Financial implications of production

    Module 9: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    Identifying and resolving common issues
    Performing routine maintenance tasks


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