MS Visio

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Visio

    1.1 Overview of Microsoft Visio
    1.2 Understanding the Visio Interface
    1.3 Navigating Documents
    1.4 Basic Settings and Options

    Module 2: Basic Drawing and Formatting

    2.1 Creating a New Diagram
    2.2 Adding Shapes to a Diagram
    2.3 Connecting Shapes
    2.4 Formatting Shapes and Connectors
    2.5 Working with Themes and Styles

    Module 3: Advanced Drawing Techniques

    3.1 Creating Custom Shapes
    3.2 Using Layers for Organization
    3.3 Grouping and Aligning Shapes
    3.4 Distributing and Aligning Shapes
    3.5 Adding Data to Shapes

    Module 4: Working with Templates

    4.1 Understanding Visio Templates
    4.2 Creating Custom Templates
    4.3 Modifying Existing Templates
    4.4 Using Master Shapes

    Module 5: Diagram Validation and Review

    5.1 Checking Diagrams for Errors
    5.2 Adding Comments and Annotations
    5.3 Collaborating with Others
    5.4 Reviewing and Approving Diagrams

    Module 6: Data Linking and Integration

    6.1 Linking Data to Shapes
    6.2 Importing Data into Visio
    6.3 Exporting Diagram Data
    6.4 Integrating with Other Microsoft Office Applications

    Module 7: Advanced Features and Customization

    7.1 Creating Macros and Automation
    7.2 Using Shape Data and Custom Properties
    7.3 Customizing Stencils and Templates
    7.4 Building Advanced Diagrams


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