IVR Testing

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to IVR Testing
    1.1 Overview of IVR Systems
    1.2 Importance of IVR Testing
    1.3 Objectives of IVR Testing

    IVR Testing Process
    2.1 Requirement Analysis
    2.2 Test Planning for IVR
    2.3 Test Case Design
    2.4 Test Execution
    2.5 Defect Tracking and Reporting

    Types of IVR Testing
    3.1 Functional Testing
    3.2 Performance Testing
    3.3 Security Testing
    3.4 Usability Testing

    IVR Test Environment Setup
    4.1 Hardware Requirements
    4.2 Software Requirements
    4.3 Network Configurations

    Test Data Preparation for IVR
    5.1 Creating Test Scenarios
    5.2 Sample Input Data
    5.3 Expected Output

    IVR Automation Testing
    6.1 Overview of Automation Tools
    6.2 Scripting for IVR Automation
    6.3 Automation Best Practices

    Challenges in IVR Testing
    7.1 Handling Speech Recognition Issues
    7.2 Addressing DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) Challenges
    7.3 Scalability and Performance Challenges

    Best Practices for IVR Testing
    8.1 Test Script Reusability
    8.2 Test Environment Simulation
    8.3 Continuous Testing in IVR Development

    Documentation in IVR Testing
    9.1 Test Plans
    9.2 Test Cases
    9.3 Test Execution Reports


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