D365 CRM Developments

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Dynamics 365 CRM Development

    Overview of Dynamics 365 CRM
    Importance of Custom Development

    UNIT 2 : Dynamics 365 CRM Architecture

    Understanding the Architecture of Dynamics 365 CRM
    Components and Modules

    UNIT 3 : Development Environment Setup

    Setting up the Development Environment
    Configuring Visual Studio and Power Platform tools

    UNIT 4 : Customization in Dynamics 365 CRM

    Overview of Customization Options
    Using the Power Platform for Customization

    UNIT 5 : Entity Model and Relationships

    Creating and Modifying Entities
    Defining Relationships between Entities

    UNIT 6 : Form and View Customization

    Designing and Customizing Forms
    Configuring Views for Data Presentation

    UNIT 7 : Business Logic with Plugins

    Introduction to Plugins
    Developing and Deploying Plugins

    UNIT 8 : Workflow and Process Automation

    Designing Workflows for Automation
    Using Process Flows for Business Processes

    UNIT 9 : Web Resources and Scripting

    Working with Web Resources
    Customizing Dynamics 365 CRM with JavaScript

    UNIT 10 : Integration with External Systems

    Integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with External Applications
    Web API and Integration Options

    UNIT 11 : Solution Management and Deployment

    Packaging and Deploying Solutions
    Best Practices for Solution Management

    UNIT 12 : Testing and Debugging

    Strategies for Testing Customizations
    Debugging Techniques in Dynamics 365 CRM

    UNIT 13 : Performance Optimization

    Best Practices for Performance Optimization
    Identifying and Resolving Performance Issues

    UNIT 14 : Security in Dynamics 365 CRM

    Configuring Security Roles and Permissions
    Data Encryption and Compliance

    UNIT 15 : Upgrading and Maintenance

    Upgrading Customizations for New Versions
    Routine Maintenance Task

    UNIT 16 : Custom Development Best Practices

    Coding Standards and Best Practices
    Code Reviews and Quality Assurance


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