Certificate Management Protocol

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    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Certificate Management

    Overview of Digital Certificates
    Importance of Certificate Management

    UNIT 2 : Cryptography Fundamentals

    Key Concepts in Cryptography
    Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

    UNIT 3 : Digital Certificate Basics

    Structure of Digital Certificates
    Certificate Authorities (CAs)

    UNIT 4 : Certificate Lifecycle

    Certificate Enrollment
    Certificate Renewal and Revocation

    UNIT 5 : Certificate Formats and Standards

    X.509 Standard
    Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs)
    Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)

    UNIT 6 : Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Architecture

    Components of a PKI
    Trust Models in PKI

    UNIT 7 : Certificate Management Protocols Overview

    Certificate Management Protocol Landscape
    Role in Network Security

    UNIT 8 : Certificate Management in Web Security

    SSL/TLS Certificates
    HTTPS and Secure Web Communication

    UNIT 9 : LDAP and Certificate Directories

    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
    Integration with Certificate Management

    UNIT 10 : Authentication and Authorization with Certificates

    Mutual SSL/TLS Authentication
    Role of Certificates in Access Control

    UNIT 11 : Certificate Automation

    Automated Certificate Management
    DevOps and Certificate Integration

    UNIT 12 : Security Best Practices in Certificate Management

    Secure Key Storage
    Handling Certificate Private Keys

    UNIT 13 : Regulatory Compliance

    Compliance Requirements in Certificate Management
    Legal and Ethical Considerations


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