Aruba ACCP

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to Aruba ClearPass
    Overview of Aruba ClearPass
    Importance of ClearPass in Network Security
    ClearPass Features and Capabilities

    Unit 2: ClearPass Deployment
    Planning a ClearPass Deployment
    ClearPass Installation and Configuration
    Integration with Network Infrastructure

    Unit 3: Policy Enforcement with ClearPass
    Policy Creation and Management
    Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    Enforcement Profiles and Actions

    Unit 4: ClearPass Guest Access
    Configuring Guest Access Services
    Guest Access Policies and Authentication
    Customization and Branding

    Unit 5: ClearPass Onboard
    Onboarding Devices with ClearPass
    Certificate Management
    Device Posture Assessment

    Unit 6: ClearPass Insight
    Monitoring and Reporting with ClearPass
    Troubleshooting Common Issues
    ClearPass Logs and Alerts

    Unit 7: ClearPass Integration
    Integration with External Systems (LDAP, AD)
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    Integration with Third-Party Solutions

    Unit 8: ClearPass Upgrades and Maintenance
    Upgrading ClearPass Software
    Backing Up and Restoring ClearPass
    Best Practices for ClearPass Maintenance

    Unit 9: ClearPass Security Best Practices
    Implementing Security Measures in ClearPass
    Hardening ClearPass Deployment
    Compliance and Auditing


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