Sitecore SXA(Sitecore Experience Accelerator)

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to Sitecore SXA

    1.1 Overview of Sitecore
    1.2 Introduction to Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)
    1.3 Key Features and Benefits

    Installation and Setup

    2.1 System Requirements
    2.2 Installing Sitecore SXA
    2.3 Configuration and Initialization

    SXA Architecture

    3.1 Understanding SXA Components
    3.2 Layers and Modules
    3.3 Theme and Design Structure

    Site Setup and Configuration

    4.1 Creating a New Site
    4.2 Site Configuration Settings
    4.3 Multisite Management

    Page Design and Layout

    5.1 Designing Pages with SXA
    5.2 Layouts and Grids
    5.3 Placeholder Settings

    Component Development

    6.1 Introduction to Components
    6.2 Creating Custom Components
    6.3 Rendering Variants

    Theming and Styling

    7.1 Customizing Themes
    7.2 CSS and Styling Best Practices
    7.3 Working with Design Assets

    SXA Toolbox

    8.1 Overview of SXA Toolbox
    8.2 Using Built-in Components
    8.3 Extending the Toolbox

    Search and SEO Optimization

    9.1 Configuring Search Functionality
    9.2 SEO Best Practices
    9.3 Metadata Management


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