Sap Group Reporting

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction to SAP Group Reporting

    Overview of SAP Group Reporting
    Key features and benefits
    Understanding the role of group reporting in financial consolidation

    2. System Architecture and Installation

    System architecture overview
    Installation and configuration of SAP Group Reporting

    3. Data Integration and Data Modeling

    Data sources and integration
    Data modeling concepts in SAP Group Reporting

    4. Financial Consolidation Process

    Overview of the financial consolidation process
    Data collection and validation
    Elimination and adjustment entries

    5. Consolidation Methods and Techniques

    Equity method
    Proportional consolidation
    Full consolidation
    Comparison of consolidation methods

    6. Group Reporting Configuration

    Configuration of consolidation units
    Set up of consolidation hierarchies and structures

    7. Reporting and Analysis

    Financial statement generation
    Reporting tools and functionalities
    Dashboards and analytics in SAP Group Reporting

    8. Intercompany Reconciliation

    Intercompany matching and reconciliation
    Handling intercompany eliminations

    9. Currency Translation and Adjustments

    Currency translation methods
    Managing foreign currency adjustments

    10. Group Reporting Security and Authorization

    – User roles and authorizations
    – Security considerations in SAP Group Reporting

    11. Integration with Other SAP Modules

    – Integration with SAP ERP
    – Collaboration with SAP Analytics Cloud or other reporting tools


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