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    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to SAP FSCM

    Overview of Financial Supply Chain Management
    Key features and benefits
    Integration with other SAP modules

    2 . SAP FSCM Components and Modules

    In-depth explanation of each FSCM module, including:
    Credit Management
    Dispute Management
    Treasury and Risk Management
    Biller Direct
    Cash and Liquidity Management

    3 . Credit Management

    Master Data in Credit Management
    Credit Scoring and Credit Limits
    Credit Risk Monitoring and Reporting
    Credit Exposure and Analysis

    4 . Dispute Management

    Overview of Dispute Management
    Dispute Case Creation and Processing
    Monitoring and Reporting
    Integration with other SAP modules

    5 . Treasury and Risk Management

    Cash and Liquidity Management
    Market Risk Analyzer
    Hedge Management
    Transaction Manager

    6 . Biller Direct

    Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)
    Customer Self-Services
    Integration with Accounts Receivable

    7 . Cash and Liquidity Management

    Cash Position and Forecasting
    Bank Communication Management
    In-House Cash Management

    8 . Integration with SAP ERP

    Integration points with SAP Financials (FI) and other relevant modules
    Configuration settings for seamless integration

    9 . Reports and Analytics

    Standard Reports in SAP FSCM
    Custom Report Development
    Analytics for Decision Support

    10 . Implementation and Configuration

    Step-by-step guide for implementing SAP FSCM
    Configuration settings for each module
    Best practices and recommendations


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