Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to SAP BASIS

    Overview of SAP
    Role of SAP BASIS in the SAP landscape
    Evolution of SAP BASIS

    2 . SAP System Architecture

    Three-tier architecture
    SAP client-server model
    Components of the SAP landscape

    3 . Installation and Configuration

    System requirements
    SAP installation process
    Post-installation steps
    System configuration

    4 . User and Role Administration

    User creation and management
    Role creation and assignment
    Authorization concepts

    5 . Transport Management System (TMS)

    Overview of TMS
    Transport routes
    Transport layers
    Transport requests and tasks

    6 . System Monitoring and Performance Tuning

    Monitoring tools and techniques
    Performance optimization strategies
    Workload analysis

    7 . SAP System Upgrades and Patching

    Upgrade planning and preparation
    Patch application process
    System testing after upgrades

    8 . Database Administration

    Database concepts in SAP
    Backup and recovery strategies
    Database monitoring and tuning

    9 . System Copies and Refresh

    Homogeneous and heterogeneous system copies
    System refresh procedures
    Data consistency checks

    10 . Disaster Recovery and High Availability

    Backup and restore strategies
    High availability options
    Disaster recovery planning

    11 . SAP Solution Manager

    Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
    System landscape information in Solution Manager
    Monitoring and support features

    12 . Security and Compliance

    Security policies and procedures
    Security audits and monitoring
    Compliance considerations

    13 . Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

    Common BASIS issues
    Problem-solving methodologies
    SAP Support tools and resources

    14 . SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM)

    Overview of LVM
    System provisioning and cloning
    Landscape management capabilities

    15 . SAP Fiori and Mobile Administration

    Introduction to SAP Fiori
    Mobile application management
    Integration with SAP BASIS