SQL Server – SSIS and SSRS

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

    Chapter 1: Introduction to SSIS

    1.1 Overview of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
    1.2 Understanding SSIS Components
    1.3 SSIS Architecture

    Chapter 2: SSIS Basics

    2.1 SSIS Project and Package Creation
    2.2 Control Flow Tasks
    2.3 Data Flow Tasks
    2.4 Connection Managers

    Chapter 3: Data Sources and Destinations

    3.1 Working with Various Data Sources
    3.2 Configuring Data Destinations
    3.3 Data Flow Transformations

    Chapter 4: Variables and Expressions

    4.1 Introduction to Variables
    4.2 SSIS Expressions
    4.3 Variable Scope and Data Types

    Chapter 5: Error Handling and Logging

    5.1 Implementing Error Handling
    5.2 Logging SSIS Events
    5.3 Debugging SSIS Packages

    Chapter 6: Deployment and Execution

    6.1 Package Deployment
    6.2 SSIS Package Execution
    6.3 Scheduling SSIS Jobs

    Chapter 7: Advanced SSIS Features

    7.1 Scripting in SSIS
    7.2 SSIS Package Configurations
    7.3 Custom Components

    SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

    Chapter 1: Introduction to SSRS

    1.1 Overview of Reporting Services
    1.2 SSRS Architecture
    1.3 SSRS Report Types

    Chapter 2: Creating Basic Reports

    2.1 Report Wizard
    2.2 Tabular and Matrix Reports
    2.3 Formatting and Styling Reports

    Chapter 3: Parameters and Filters

    3.1 Using Parameters in Reports
    3.2 Applying Filters to Reports
    3.3 Dynamic Reports with Parameters

    Chapter 4: Advanced Reporting Features

    4.1 Subreports
    4.2 Drilldown and Drillthrough Reports
    4.3 Charts and Graphs

    Chapter 5: Report Deployment and Security

    5.1 Deploying Reports
    5.2 Securing Reports and Data
    5.3 Role-Based Security

    Chapter 6: SSRS Integration with Other Tools

    6.1 Integrating SSRS with SharePoint
    6.2 Power BI Integration
    6.3 Mobile Reports and Delivery

    Chapter 7: Customizing and Extending SSRS

    7.1 Report Builder and Visual Studio
    7.2 Customizing Report Layouts
    7.3 Creating Custom Report Items


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