MS SQL Server Advance Concepts

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    SQL Server Advance refers to the higher-level concepts and techniques used in Structured Query Language (SQL) to perform more complex and sophisticated operations.

    Course Content 

    Module 1-

    • What is Data and Information?
    • Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS Concepts
    • DDL, DML and DQL commands
    • Doubts and assignments

    Module 2-

    • Operators in SQL (Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical operators
    • SQL clauses (TOP, LIKE, Group by, having and order by
    • Doubts and assignments

    Module 3-

    • Data base normalizations and ER model
    • Types of normalizations

    Module 4-

    • Discussion on assignments and tasks
    • SQL Functions

    Module 5-

    • SQL Joins
    • Understanding of table relations
    • Tasks on joins

    Module 6-

    • Discussion on SQL joins tasks
    • Doubts and Queries

    Module 7-

    • If else conditions in SQL
    • Null handling in SQL

    Module 8-

    • SQL Views
    • Sub-queries
    • Doubts and assignments

    Module 9-

    • Stored procedures and triggers
    • Index in  SQL

    Module 10-

    • Performance Optimization and best practices.
    • Indexes in SQL

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