R Programming for Data Manipulation and Visualisation

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    Transitioning into the realm of DevOps in R Programming, this comprehensive training delves deep into the intricacies of data manipulation and visualization. By leveraging the powerful tools and techniques offered by R Programming, participants will explore the seamless integration of DevOps practices to streamline data workflows. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, learners will master essential skills in data manipulation, empowering them to efficiently extract, clean, and transform datasets for analysis.

    Furthermore, this training equips participants with advanced visualization techniques, enabling them to present insights with clarity and impact. From foundational concepts to advanced methodologies, this course is tailored to equip professionals with the proficiency to excel in both DevOps in R Programming and Data Manipulation in R.

    Our hands-on sessions will guide you through the intricacies of data visualization using ggplot2, enabling you to create stunning visual representations of your insights. With a focus on efficiency and scalability, we integrate DevOps principles seamlessly into your R workflow, ensuring smooth collaboration, version control, and automated testing. Join us to elevate your proficiency in R, leverage the power of DevOps, and unleash the full potential of data manipulation for transformative insights.


    1 . Introduction to R Programming:

    A . Overview of R
    B . Installation and setup
    C . R Studio interface

    2 . Basic R Syntax:

    A . Variables and data types
    B . Operators
    C . Control structures (if statements, loops)

    3 . Data Structures in R Programming:

    A . Vectors
    B . Matrices
    C . Lists
    D . Data frames

    4 . Functions in R:

    A . Creating functions
    B . Built-in functions
    C . Passing arguments

    5 . Data Import and Export:

    A . Reading data from files (CSV, Excel, etc.)
    B . Writing data to files

    6 . Data Manipulation with dplr:

    A  . Introduction to the dplyr Package

    B . Basic Data Manipulation Operations

      • Filtering
      • Sorting
      • Summarizing


    C .  Advanced Data Manipulation TechniCques:

    • Joins
    • Grouping


    7 . Data Visualisation with ggplot2:

    Introduction to the ggplot2 Package:

    • Creating Basic Plots:
      • Scatter Plots
      • Bar Plots
      • Line Plots
    • Customizing Plots:
      • Themes
      • Colors
      • Annotations

    8 . Statistical Analysis in R:

    A . Descriptive statistics
    B . Inferential statistics
    C . Hypothesis testing

    9 . R Programming Packages:

    A . Installing and loading packages
    B . Popular packages for data analysis

    10 . Introduction to Shiny:

    A . Basics of Shiny web applications
    B . Creating interactive dashboards

    11 . Version Control with Git and GitHub:

    A . Introduction to Git
    B . Basic Git commands
    C . Collaborative coding with GitHub

    12 . Advanced Topics in R Programming:

    A . Advanced R Programming Concepts

        • Functional Programming
        • Vectorization

    B . Performance Optimization Techniques

        • Using data.table for Large Datasets

    C . Writing Custom Functions and Packages

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