Data Modelling Real-world Complexities to Relationship

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    Data-modelling-real-world-complexities is based on the notion of real-world entities and relationships among them. It creates an entity set, a relationship set.

    Course Content 
    • Data Modeling Fundamentals
    • The Purpose and Role of Data Modeling
    • Basic Data Modeling Concepts and Terminology
    • Navigate Your Alternatives Among Methodologies, Techniques, and Notations
    • Compare Data Modeling to Database Design
    • Compare Transactional Data Modeling to Analytical Data Modeling
    • Summarize Data Modeling Fundamentals
    2-Building Blocks of Data Modelling
    • Introducing Data Modeling Building Blocks
    • The role of Entities in Data Modelling
    • Add Attributes to Your Data Model
    • Use Multi-Valued Attributes in Your Data Model
    • Build Relationships into Your Data Model
    • Summarize Data Modeling Building Blocks
    • Basic Data Modelling
    3-Real-world Complexities to entities and Attributes
    • Why Real-World Complexities Matter in Data Modeling
    • Build Hierarchies for the Entities in Your Data Model
    • Specify Constraints for Your Attributes
    • Specify Cross-Entity Dependencies Through Strong and Weak Entities
    • Summarize Real-World Entity and Attribute Complexities
    • Entity and Attribute Constraints
    4-Real-world Complexities to Relationship
    • Why Relationship Cardinality and Complexities Matter
    • Build Real-World Complexities into Data Model Relationships
    • Define the Maximum Cardinality of a Relationship
    • Define the Minimum Cardinality of a Relationship
    • Use Crow’s Foot Notation for Minimum and Maximum Cardinality
    • Summarize Cardinality and Complex Relationships
    5-Move across the different levels of Data Model
    • Harmonize Different Levels of a Data Model
    • A Brief Look at Relational Database Normalization
    • Forward-Engineering Your Conceptual Data Model
    • More Data Model Forward-Engineering
    • Reverse-Engineer a Physical Model Back into a Conceptual Model
    • Summarize How to Work with Different Levels of a Data Model
    6-Software for Data Modelling
    • The Importance of Data Modeling Software
    • Build a Data Model with a Drawing Program
    • Build a Model with a Data Modelling Software Tool
    7-Mandatory, Optional Sub-type Recursive
    • Relational Model & Normalization principles(1NF,2NF,3NF)
    • Relational Algebra & SQL
    • Dimensional modeling approach
    • Inmon v/s Kimball approach
    • Dimensional modeling steps
    • Star & snowflake schema
    • Fact table techniques
    • Dimension table techniques
    • Slowly changing dimensions
    8-Architect Data Modeler
    • Data Modeling and diagram visualization techniques
    • ER Diagrams
    • Instant SQL
    • Data Robot
    • Forward & Reverse Engineering
    • Model Comparison
    • Reporting & Publishing
    • Dimensional Modelling

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