CouchDB for NoSQL databases with CouchApp & CouchDB External API

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online


CouchDB is an open source NoSQL database based on common standards to facilitate Web accessibility and compatibility with a variety of devices. NoSQL databases are useful for very large sets of distributed data, especially for the large amounts of non-uniform data in various formats that is characteristic of big data.Documents are CouchDB’s central data structure. Contents of the database will be stored in the form of Documents instead of tables.

Document Storage: It is a NoSQL database which follows document storage. Documents are the primary unit of data where each field is uniquely named and contains values of various data types such as text, number, Boolean, lists, etc. Documents don’t have a set limit to text size or element count.

1: Installing CouchDB

a). Introduction

b). Installation: Get up and running fast

c). Technical Overview: Details of the  technology

2: Configuring CouchDB

a). Base Configuration

b). couch_peruser

c). CouchDB HTTP Server

d). Authentication and Authorization

e). Compaction Configuration

f). Logging

g). Replicator Query Servers

h). External Processes

i). HTTP Resource Handlers

j). Internal Services

k). Miscellaneous Parameters

l). Proxying Configuration

 3: CouchApp

   1). Design Functions

a). View Functions

b). Show Functions

c). List Functions

d). Update Functions

e). Filter Functions

f). Validate document update functions

    2). Guide to Views

a). Introduction Into the Views

b). Views Collation

c). Joins With Views

d). View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys

e). Pagination Recipe

4: CouchDB External APIs

5: Query Server

   1).Query Server Protocol

a). reset

b). add_lib

c). map_doc

d). reduce

e). rereduce

f). ddoc

g). Raising errors

h). Logging


a). Design functions context

b). CommonJS Modules

 6: Fauxton

    1). Installation

a). Get the source

b). Fauxton Setup

c). Dev Server

d). Deploy Fauxton

   2). Writting Addons

a). Generating an Addon

b). Routes and hooks

 7 : Cluster :

a). Setup

b). Theory

c). Node Management

d). Database Management

e). Sharding

 8: JSON Structure

a). All Database Documents

b). Bulk Documents

9: Troubleshooting

a). Breaking Changes

b). Error Messages

c). Known Problem

d). Official CouchDB bug tracker

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CouchDB is a document storage NoSQL database. It provides the facility of storing documents with unique names, and it also provides an API called RESTful HTTP API for reading and updating (add, edit, delete) database documents. In CouchDB, documents are the primary unit of data and they also include metadata.