AI&ML with Python for Predictions & Visualisation

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    AIML Training in Bangalore offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands on Practical Classes with Best Industrial Experts and Working with Real Time Projects.

    Course Content
    1- Foundations for AIML
    • Introduction to Python, Data Science for Predictions, EDA and data Visualization
      Preface to Data Science
      Fundamentals  to Python Data Science libraries (Pandas, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn)
      About  EDA
      Stages of EDA and EDA in data science life cycle
      Hands-on Visualization techniques
      Data visualization using Seaborn
      Case Study (Telecommunication Dataset)
      Distribution of Data
      Types of variables and missing values
      Descriptive data exploration – five-point summary
      Data Distribution – pairplot and heatmap
      EDA Summary
    2- Supervised Learning
    • Intro to Supervised Learning, Creating Regression Models for Prediction
      Introduction  to Machine Learning from Data
      Intro to scikit-learn python ML library
      Supervised Learning, train, test data
      Overfitting and underfitting
      Linear Regression
      Linear relation between two variables, measure of association – correlation and covariance
      A simple fit, best fit line – measure of regression fit
      Multiple regression
      R Squared.
      Introduction to Logistic Regression
      Logit function in Logistic Regression
      Confusion Matrix
      F1 Score, gini index and ROC curve
      Pros and Cons of Logistic Regression Case Study – Domain Specific – TBD
    3- Ensemble Techniques and Model Tuning
    • Introduction to Decision Tree and Ensemble Techniques
      Gini Index
      Ensemble Methods
      Bias-Variance error
      Bagging concept
      Boosting concept
      Random Forest
      Feature Engineering and Model Tuning
      Case Study – Domain Specific – TBD
    4- Unsupervised Learning and Neural Network
    • Introduction to Unsupervised Learning
      K-Means Clustering
      Hierarchical Clustering Case Study – Domain Specific – TBD Intro to NN, Tensorflow and Keras
      Building blocks and activation functions
      Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing Intro to CNN – Working with images
      CNN Architectures and Transfer Learning Intro to NLP – Working with Text Data
      RNN and LSTM – Intro and Application Case Study – Domain Specific – TBD

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