AWS RDS Fundamentals: Database Management Essentials

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    Training Mode: Online


    AWS RDS Fundamentals: Database Management Essentials offers managed database services for a variety of relational database engines, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and Amazon Aurora at Locus Academy.

    With RDS, users can easily set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. This fully managed service automates common database administration tasks such as provisioning, patching, backups, and monitoring, allowing developers and database administrators to focus on their applications rather than managing the database infrastructure.

    RDS provides high availability, durability, and security features to ensure the reliability and integrity of your database deployments. Additionally, AWS RDS supports features such as automated backups, point-in-time recovery, read replicas for scalability and performance, and Multi-AZ deployments for enhanced availability. Overall, AWS RDS simplifies database management tasks, reduces operational overhead, and enables efficient and scalable database deployments in the cloud.


    Unit 1: Introduction to AWS RDS Fundamentals
    Overview of AWS RDS
    Key features and benefits
    Use cases for AWS RDS

    Unit 2: Getting Started with AWS RDS
    Creating an AWS RDS instance
    Configuring database parameters
    Connecting to an RDS instance

    Unit 3: Supported Database Engines
    Amazon Aurora
    MariaDB in Database Management Essentials
    Oracle Database
    Microsoft SQL Server

    Unit 4: Managing Database Instances
    Monitoring and logging
    Automated backups and snapshots
    Scaling RDS instances
    Performance optimization

    Unit 5: High Availability and Failover
    Multi-AZ deployments
    Read replicas for scaling read workloads
    Failover processes and considerations

    Unit 6: Security in AWS RDS
    Access control and IAM roles
    Encryption options in AWS RDS Fundamentals
    Network security and VPCs

    Unit 7: Database Maintenance and Upgrades
    Patching and upgrading databases
    Maintenance windows
    Backup and restore strategies

    Unit 8: Database Monitoring and Alerts
    CloudWatch integration
    Setting up alarms and notifications
    Performance monitoring

    Unit 9: AWS Database Management Services
    Amazon DynamoDB overview
    Amazon Redshift overview in AWS RDS Fundamentals
    Amazon Neptune overview
    Amazon ElastiCache overview
    Amazon DocumentDB overview

    Unit 10: Best Practices and Recommendations
    Designing for scalability and performance
    Cost optimization strategies
    Backup and disaster recovery best practices

    Unit 11: Real-world Use Cases
    Case studies and examples in Database Management Essentials
    Implementing AWS RDS in various scenarios

    Unit 12: Troubleshooting and Debugging
    Common issues and solutions
    AWS support resources


    Please Visit AWS Official Site: || Locus Academy ha s more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on AWS RDS Fundamentals: Database Management Essentials for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on AWS RDS Fundamentals: Database Management Essentials are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.

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