SAS Certified Data Scientist

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online


Data Scientist Training in Bangalore Offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands-on Practical Classes by Best Industrial Experts with Real Time Projects

Data Scientist Objectives :

a). After taking this course students will be able to write programs using SAS as a tool, this course will be a guide for them to take them to the next level of expertise about SAS.

b). This is going to give a great Curve to beginners/professionals to use SAS as a tool for their data work.

Requirements :

a). Pre-requisite: This course is designed for beginners who want to learn SAS programming, This tutorial has all the best practices programs available with SAS and hence you need to have a logical thinking approach and a basic understanding of how Coding and Debugging happens, an absolute beginner would do as well.

1.  Introduction :

a). SAS for Data Science

b). SAS Installation

2. SAS Programs 

a). SAS_Variables

b). SAS_String

c).  SAS_StringFunction



f). SAS_WhileLoop

g). SAS_Do_UntilLoop

3. Decision Making

a). SAS_IF_Statement

b). SAS_IF_THEN_ELSE_Statement

c). SAS_IF_THEN_ELSE_IF_Statement

d). SAS_IF_THEN_DELETE_Statement

4. SAS Functions

a). SAS_Mathematical_Functions

b). SAS_Date&Time_Function

c). SAS_Character_Function

d). SAS_Truncation_Function

5. SAS Input Methods

a). SAS_List_Input_Method

b). SAS_Name_Input_Method

6. SAS Macros

a). SAS_Macros_Global_Variable

b). SAS_Macros_Local_Variable

c). SAS_Macro_Program

7. SAS Data Set Operations

a). SAS_Read_Raw_Data

b). SAS_Export_Data

c). SAS_Merge_Data

d). SAS_Subsetting_Variable

e). SAS_Proc_Format

f). SAS_Proc_Sort


a). SAS_SQL_Create_Operation

b). SAS_SQL_Read_Operation

c). SAS_SQL_UPDATE_Operation

d). SAS_SQL_DELETE_Operation

9. SAS Output Delivery System


10. SAS Basic Statistical Procedure

a). SAS-Arithmetic Mean

b). SAS_Standard_Deviation

c). SAS_Frequency_Distribution


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