Qlik Sense SaaS Data Architect Endorsement

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    The Qlik Sense Data Architect SaaS endorsement is designed to complement the Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification – 2022. This endorsement validates skills in the SaaS specific capabilities of Qlik Sense needed in the role of data architect.

    Qlik Sense Data Architect Certification – 2022 is required


    Exam Topics

    Overview of Qlik Cloud edition

    • Differentiate the features and navigation of the Qlik Cloud (e.g., navigation menus, Insight Advisor, home, collections, profile settings, catalogue)
    • Given a scenario, apply appropriate data-level permissions and governance

    Data Modeling considerations

    • Identify limitations of data model optimization (e.g., SaaS limitations on sizing).
    • Given a scenario, select the appropriate Catalog option for data discovery (e.g. dataset review, details, tags).

    Adding and managing data

    • Apply the steps to add/connect data to the Qlik cloud tenant (both new and existing).
    • Given a scenario, develop an app from a dataset.
    • Determine appropriate data source management (e.g. details, classification, connections, scheduled reloads).
    • Manage membership in managed spaces.
    • Differentiate the use of Data gateway -Direct Access versus Qlik Data Transfer versus Direct Query.
    • Explain the data connection options. (e.g. Data Files default folder, ODBC…).




    Collaborating with Qlik Cloud users

    • Recognize the collaborative features of Notes.
    • Given a scenario, demonstrate the management of datasets and notes in shared spaces.
    • Distinguish member roles that access datasets, metadata, and apps.
    • Apply steps to share notes, datasets and connections.



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