Oracle Fusion Business Intelligence

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Oracle Analytics platform enables you to simplify your analytics strategies with a modern, standard, and integrated platform. Oracle Fusion Business Intelligence Training in Bangalore Offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands-on Practical Classes by Excellent Industrial Experts.
Objectives :
1. How to create a user in Oracle Fusion application with base tables
2. How to run bi publisher report in the Oracle Fusion Application by creating an ESS Job
3. Bursting in bi publisher Oracle Fusion application
4. Subtemplates in bi publisher oracle fusion application
5. Translations in bi publisher oracle fusion application
6. How to create bi report in oracle fusion application
7. How to create stylesheet in oracle fusion bi publisher reports
8. How to create Multi language report in oracle fusion bi publisher reports
9. How to create transaltions in oracle fusion bi publisher reports
10. RTF Tags -Split by Page break and for-each@section ,call-template other rtf tags.
11. Subtemplate with parameters in oracle fusion bi reports
12. Dynamic PDF Secuirity or PDF Password in oracle fusion bi reports
13. AR Invoice Base tables
14. Local variable XDO_USER_NAME
15. How to create Bi report  from Scratch
16. Sub template with parameter in oraclefusion
17. Dynamic logo based on business unit name in oraclefusion bi reports
18. Limiting Lines per page in Bi Publisher
19. Display Barcodes in Bi publisher or working woth barcodes in bi publisher report

Requirements :

a). Basics of Oracle Sql

b). Basics of Oracle xml Publisher Reports

a). Procure to Pay Cycle

  1. Introduction to P2P Cycle
  2. Basic Flow Of P2P Cycle
  3. Create Item and Item Class
  4. Item and item Class base Tables
  5. Item and Item Class get from Subject area
  6. Create Requisition
  7. Base Table for Requisition
  8. Get requisiton data using Subject area
  9. Create Purchase order
  10. Base tables for Purchase order
  11. Get PO Data Using Subject area
  12. Create Receipt against PO
  13. Receipt Base Tables
  14. Create Ap Invoice
  15. Base Table For Ap invoice
  16. Ap Invoice – Post To GL
  17. Ap Invoice – base table from Ap To Gl
  18. Create Payment
  19. Payment Tables

b). BI Publishers Report

  1. OracleFusion application (SAAS) user Creation with base tables.
  2. Running The report From Catalog
  3. Running The report From Fusion Application by creating ESS JOB
  4. Report Layout Creation using Manual Method
  5. Report Layout Properties Explained – General
  6. Report Layout Properties Explained – Caching
  7. Report Layout Properties Explained – Formatting
  8. Report Layout Properties Explained – Currency Format
  9. Style Sheet Template
  10. Master Detail Report using Element Level link
  11. Master Detail Report using Group Level link
  12. Master Detail Report using subgroups
  13. Aggregate functions
  14. Arithematic Operation on columns
  15. Working with bind parameters
  16. Bind Parameters with Independent and translated independent LOV
  17. Bind Parameters with Table valueset and $FLEX$ concept in Fusion
  18. Subtemplate
  19. Multilanguage Report or transalations
  20. Multi language report or Transalations. -Testing
  21. Bursting – Delivery Channel – EMAIL and FTP and SFTP and FILE
  22. Bursting Report Testing fixing the issues in bursting query

c). OTBI Reports

  1. How To Create Analysis
  2. Working With Prompts in Analysis
  3. Working With Compund Layout(Title,Logo,Calculated field,page control Etc)
  4. Working With Inline Prompts or prompt value based on other prompt
  5. Selection Steps – Select Member On Attributes
  6. Add Group On Attributes
  7. New Calculated item On Attributes
  8. Dashboards with prompt


For more inputs on Oracle Fusion Technical Business Intelligence you can connect here.
Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT. || Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on Oracle Fusion for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on Oracle Fusion are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.


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Oracle Analytics platform enables you to simplify your analytics strategies with a modern, standard, and integrated platform. OTBI is a fusion specific reporting tool, used by top level managements of organizations without the need for any technical knowledge.