Advanced MS Power Automate Workflow Optimization

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    Training Mode: Online


    Our “Advanced MS Power Automate Workflow Optimization” training is a specialized program designed for professionals seeking to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their Microsoft Power Automate workflows at Locus Academy .

    This advanced course builds upon foundational knowledge of Power Automate to delve into sophisticated techniques and strategies for optimizing workflows to meet specific business needs. Participants will explore advanced features and functionalities of Power Automate, including complex expressions, conditional logic, error handling, and custom connectors, enabling them to design robust and scalable automation solutions.

    Through hands-on exercises and real-world case studies, participants will learn how to identify inefficiencies in existing workflows and implement optimization strategies to streamline processes, reduce manual intervention, and enhance overall workflow performance. Additionally, the training covers best practices for workflow design, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting, empowering participants to create highly efficient and reliable automation solutions that drive productivity and innovation within their organizations.


    Module 1: Introduction to Advanced Microsoft Power Automate

    1.1 Overview of Power Automate
    1.2 Key features and benefits
    1.3 Use cases and scenarios

    Module 2: Getting Started with Power Automate

    2.1 Setting up a Power Automate account
    2.2 Exploring the Power Automate interface
    2.3 Creating your first flow in Advanced MS Power Automate

    Module 3: Building Basic Flows

    3.1 Understanding triggers and actions
    3.2 Using templates for common tasks
    3.3 Configuring basic flow options

    Module 4: Advanced Flow Building Techniques

    4.1 Variables and expressions
    4.2 Conditions and control statements
    4.3 Loops and iterations in Advanced MS Power Automate
    4.4 Error handling and troubleshooting

    Module 5: Integration with Microsoft 365

    5.1 Connecting to Microsoft 365 services
    5.2 Automating tasks in SharePoint
    5.3 Integration with Outlook and Teams

    Module 6: Data Connectors and External Services

    6.1 Connecting to external data sources
    6.2 Using data connectors in Advanced MS Power Automate
    6.3 Working with APIs and web services

    Module 7: Power Automate Governance and Security

    7.1 Managing environments and permissions
    7.2 Best practices for secure flow design
    7.3 Monitoring and auditing flows

    Module 8: Advanced Topics 

    8.1 Custom connectors and plug-ins
    8.2 Building complex workflows
    8.3 Power Automate for business process automation

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