Zoho Books for Finance Professionals

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    Training Mode: Online


    Zoho Books on Zoho Finance Training it includes CRM, Marketing, Accounting, Meeting Scheduling, and Reporting tools as well as integration so along with payment gateways, multi-currency support, and sales process automation capabilities.

    From invoicing to order management to accounting, Zoho tax-compliant integrated finance suite has all the bases covered and when it comes to back office operations.

    Most importantly Discover how Zoho Books revolutionizes finance management for professionals with seamless integration, powerful features, and intuitive design . Explore Zoho Finance training solutions tailored for businesses, offering streamlined accounting, invoicing, expense tracking, and more. Streamline your Bussiness financial operations and take control of your business’s finances effortlessly. Elevate your training on finance operations with Zoho Books training today.



    Module1: Introduction to Zoho Books 

    1.1 Overview
    1.2 Key Features
    1.3 Benefits

    Module2: Getting Started

    2.1 Setting Up Your Account
    2.2 User Roles and Permissions
    2.3 Dashboard Navigation

    Module3: Company Setup

    3.1 Adding Company Information in Zoho Books
    3.2 Configuring Preferences
    3.3 Managing Users

    Module4: Chart of Accounts

    4.1 Creating Accounts
    4.2 Account Types
    4.3 Editing and Deleting Accounts

    Module5: Transactions in Zoho Finance

    5.1 Creating Invoices
    5.2 Recording Expenses
    5.3 Bank Transactions
    5.4 Credit Notes

    Module6: Banking

    6.1 Connecting Bank Accounts
    6.2 Reconciling Transactions
    6.3 Bank Feeds

    Module7: Reports

    7.1 Financial Reports in Zoho Finance
    7.2 Customizing Reports
    7.3 Exporting Reports

    Module8: Taxes

    8.1 Configuring Tax Settings
    8.2 Managing Tax Rates
    8.3 GST/VAT Filing

    Module9: Inventory Management

    9.1 Adding Products and Services
    9.2 Stock Tracking
    9.3 Purchase Orders

    Module10: Payroll

    10.1 Setting Up Payroll
    10.2 Employee Management
    10.3 Payroll Processing in Zoho Finance

    Module11: Integrations

    11.1 Zoho CRM and Integration
    11.2 Third-Party Integrations
    11.3 API Access

    Module12: Security and Permissions

    12.1 Two-Factor Authentication
    12.2 Role-Based Access Control

    Module13: Troubleshooting and Support

    13.1 Common Issues
    13.2 Getting Help and Support

    Zoho books is the product of Zoho Inc.

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