Empower Your Team with TeamConnect ELM Training

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    Empower your team with comprehensive TeamConnect ELM training designed to elevate their skills and proficiency in managing legal matters and enhancing operational efficiency.

    Our tailored training program equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of TeamConnect ELM effectively.

    From understanding core functionalities to mastering advanced features, our expert-led sessions ensure that your team maximizes the potential of this powerful legal management platform. Whether you’re new to TeamConnect ELM or seeking to optimize your current usage, our training empowers your team to excel in their roles and drive impactful results within your organization.”


    1. Introduction to TeamConnect – ELM

    1.1 Overview of Enterprise Legal Management
    1.2 Benefits of TeamConnect – ELM
    1.3 System Architecture

    2. Getting Started

    2.1 Logging In in TeamConnect ELM Training
    2.2 Dashboard Overview
    2.3 User Interface Navigation

    3. User Roles and Permissions

    3.1 Understanding User Roles
    3.2 Assigning Permissions
    3.3 User Management in TeamConnect ELM

    4. Matter Management

    4.1 Creating a New Matter
    4.2 Matter Details and Properties
    4.3 Matter Collaboration and Communication Tools
    4.4 Matter Workflows

    5. Document Management

    5.1 Uploading and Organizing Documents
    5.2 Document Versioning in TeamConnect ELM
    5.3 Document Security and Access Control

    6. Financial Management

    6.1 Budgeting and Cost Tracking
    6.2 Billing and Invoicing
    6.3 Expense Management

    7. Reporting and Analytics

    7.1 Pre-built Reports in TeamConnect ELM
    7.2 Custom Report Creation
    7.3 Data Visualization

    8. Integration with Other Systems

    8.1 Third-party Integrations
    8.2 API Integration

    9. Compliance and Security

    9.1 Data Security Measures

    9.2 Compliance Features
    9.3 Audit Trails


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