ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects for Data Center Training

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    Training Mode: Online


    Become an Atlassian Certified Professional in Managing Jira Projects for Data Center

    Becoming an ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects Managing Jira Projects for Data Center showcases expertise in utilizing Jira, a widely-used tool for project management. This certification validates proficiency in customizing projects, controlling permissions, tracking tasks, and analyzing project data. Moreover, it demonstrates mastery in optimizing project workflows. Project Administrators with this certification are adept at configuring and enhancing Jira Software Scrum and Kanban projects to meet team requirements efficiently. They excel in managing sprints, releases, estimations, time tracking, and scope changes. Additionally, they demonstrate proficiency in configuring boards and utilizing JQL, reports, dashboards, and gadgets to drive project success. Atlassian Certifications provide a competitive edge within teams, employers, and across industries.

    Project Administrators are experts at configuring and optimizing Jira Software Scrum and Kanban projects for their teams.

    ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects Administrators with this certification:

    • Applying Best Practices: User proficiency in Atlassian tools encompasses a diverse skill set. Firstly, applying best practices to translate team requirements into robust project configurations is essential. Additionally, understanding and troubleshooting project and global permissions, as well as issue-level security, ensures data integrity and confidentiality.
    • Managing Project Dynamics: Moreover, effectively managing sprints and releases, alongside estimation, time tracking, and scope changes, is critical for project success. Furthermore, proficiency in configuring boards across multiple projects and teams enhances collaboration and visibility.
    • Understanding Project Details: Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of components and issue assignment facilitates efficient resource allocation and task management. Additionally, demonstrating expertise in JQL, reports, dashboards, and gadgets empowers administrators to analyze project data and provide valuable insights for decision-making.
    • Atlassian Certification Benefits: Ultimately, Atlassian Certifications not only validate these skills but also help professionals stand out on their team, with their employer, and across industries.

    Atlassian Certifications help you stand out on your team, with your employer, and across industries.

    Certification Details:

    Products covered: Jira Software Long Term Support Releases

    Timing: You must complete the exam within 90 days of your purchase of the course.

    Location: The exam is proctored online and is also available at testing centers.

    Training credits can be used to purchase vouchers for this exam.

    ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects exams are intended to be challenging. Increase your chances of success with careful preparation.

    Be sure to complete the Managing Jira Projects Data Center course or have equivalent experience.

    For additional preparation, consider completing these free Atlassian University courses:

    • Gain Project Insights through JQL
    • Basic Reporting in Jira

    Review these additional resources:

    • ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects for Data Center Sample Questions
    • Atlassian product documentation

    Focus your exam preparation

    Here are some tips:

    • Get hands-on practice across all the topics, paying particular attention to functionalities you work with less often.
    • Make sure you understand how Jira operates with no apps installed.
    • Consult the Atlassian product documentation to learn about nuances of each topic that you may be unfamiliar with.
    • Use the English version to prepare for the exam (If you typically use a localized product), so that you’ll be familiar with the names of menu options and other product features.

    Know which test aids are permitted during the exam:

    • Hard copy of English or English Translation Dictionary (allowed both online or at testing centers)
    • Pencil/Pen and Paper (allowed at testing centers only and must be supplied by the testing center)
    • Water in a clear container
    • Read how to schedule and take an exam.
    • Along with the course, Atlassian will provide you with an exam payment voucher, good for 90 days from purchase of the course. Schedule and pay for your exam in the ACP-610 Managing Jira Projects Certification Portal using your voucher.
    • Mark your calendar, get plenty of rest, and give it everything you have.

    Training credits can be used to purchase vouchers for this exam.

    For additional information on regarding this training, please visit here.

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