Sap Treasury

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to SAP Treasury Management:

    Overview of SAP Treasury module
    Key features and functionalities

    2 . Organizational Structure:

    Company code setup
    Business partner and master data configuration

    3 . Financial Instruments:

    Overview of financial instruments
    Configuration of various financial instruments like money market, foreign exchange, derivatives, etc.

    4 . Transaction Management:

    Execution of financial transactions
    Cash flow management

    5 . Risk Management:

    Market risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk management
    Hedge management

    6 . Market Data Management:

    Integration of market data sources
    Market data setup and maintenance

    7 . Hedge Accounting:

    Hedge accounting principles
    Configuration of hedge accounting in SAP Treasury

    8 . Cash and Liquidity Management:

    Cash positioning and forecasting
    In-house cash management

    9 . Bank Communication Management:

    Integration with external banking systems
    Electronic bank statement (EBS) configuration

    10 . Credit Risk Management:

    Credit limit setup and monitoring
    Credit risk evaluation

    11 . Reporting and Analytics:

    SAP Treasury reporting tools
    Customizing reports

    12 . Compliance and Audit:

    Compliance with financial regulations
    Audit trail and documentation

    13 . Integration with SAP ERP:

    Integration with other SAP modules like SAP FI (Financial Accounting), SAP CO (Controlling), etc.


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