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Microsoft Dynamics Integration

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Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Locus IT understands the need for connectivity across the enterprise and offers a Microsoft Dynamics Integration platform to take on the challenges that accompany integration.

Our platform consists of numerous components to connect and transform business ecosystems that have been fragmented due to the explosion of SaaS, mobile, and cloud services and applications.

Organizations employ a number of tools and solutions to help create an efficient and effective business process throughout the enterprise. Some of the most crucial aspects of a business include Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

A CRM system deals with front-end information – managing valuable customer data and enriching it through interactions with marketing and customer support and an ERP system handles critical backend information – generally managing customer information that is required once orders have been placed.

Why Choose Locus IT for Microsoft Dynamics Integration?

  • Microsoft Dynamics users can create an instant API connectivity to hundreds of popular applications and services.
  • Our Microsoft Dynamics Integration platform connects various Dynamics ERP products to existing applications and services quickly and easily, allowing organizations to focus on core business needs rather than on overcoming integration challenges.
  • Pre-packaged integration solutions allow businesses to connect their MS Dynamics ERP and CRM software to accounting, billing, marketing, and social applications as well as legacy systems.
  • Seamless connectivity makes information easily accessible, thereby helping provide better customer insight.
  • Locus IT provides the components to integrate sales and financial data including leads, orders, interactions, invoices, and inventory.
  • With our Dynamics Integration users can quickly and easily eliminate data clutter and inaccuracies when integrating data.

An integration platform offers necessary tools to connect the data, applications, systems, and devices without the complex custom code. Enabling communication between MS Dynamics and systems such as Quickbooks, SAP, Sharepoint, and Outlook allows organizations to better leverage disparate information.

Whether it’s delivering industry-leading integration solutions, support, or expert training, our wide array of Integration services ensure you connect with success. Our experts at Locus IT enable customers to achieve their desired business outcomes through a combination of best practices and targeted services offerings. For more information, please contact us.

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