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Tableau Supply Chain Analytics

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Tableau Supply Chain Analytics

Tableau Supply Chain brings everything together in a visual environment that’s accessible to anyone, yet supports advanced modeling and forecasting for Enterprise needs. Streamlining supply chain means managing multiple complex factors all at once, in real time: optimizing inventory, streamlining transportation, and delivering just in time, every time.

Supply chain analytics can provide insight and competitive advantage, but this is only achievable through collaboration, alignment and synchronization, both internally and externally. It aims to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions at strategic, operational and tactical levels. It encompasses virtually the complete value chain:

Tableau opens an elegant and powerful view into an existing metrics and allows you to create new, customized algorithms. With data visualizations from technologies like Tableau, companies can gain full visibility of their end-to-end Supply Chain, tracing products by mapping geolocation and even temperature. These technologies are transforming how the Supply Chain management decisions are being made.

  • Reveal: import, clean-up and visualize Tableau Supply Chain data to analyse all areas of the Supply Chain.
  • Diagnose: use intuitive dashboards to easily identify the problem areas and root causes. With tools like Tableau, you don’t have to be a data scientist to spot the trends and spikes.
  • Model: stimulate the process improvements to compare Supply Chain policies and performance
  • Track: set targets and develop a road-map of improvements

New analytical technologies are enabling better, faster and more transparent analysis of Tableau Supply Chain metrics. They are driving higher-level collaboration, greater insight and more informed decision making across Supply Chain, everyday.

The key areas of value within supply chain decision-making spectrum lie at the intersections with other functions and organisations. To be specific, this is why supply chain excellence can only be achieved through collaboration, alignment and synchronization.

Tableau outstanding and remarkable features and services are what make it the perfect tool for improving the profitability and simplifies your works. Tableau Software can help you with supply chain analysis by exposing critical problems and opportunities:

  • Analyze shipping scheduling.
  • Improve transportation and inventory planning.
  • Track just-in-time delivery metrics.
  • Model product demand.
  • Increase your transportation management efficiency.

Tableau Supply Chain Logistics

Combine all your logistics systems into one analysis

The ability to pull the information from disparate sources into one console is critical to successful distribution analytics. Tableau has powerful features that allow you to, including built-in geocoding, data blending and cross-data source triggers, support for WMS mapping services, connectivity to external web services and built-in calculation support.

QOH Analysis

Do quantity on hand analysis from one dashboard

Analysis of quantities on hand (QOH) vs the forecasted sales is a crucial aspect of an accurate supply chain. Tableau can help with the reporting, visualization, and the forecasting by combining multi-dimensional views of your product chain.

Supply Chain Algorithm

Create advanced algorithms and shipping models

Many academic and real-world approaches exist to gauge the product distribution, inventory analysis and controls, customer order processing, invoicing/crediting and more. Tableau provides an elegant and powerful view into an existing metrics and allows you to create new, customized algorithms.

Advanced Metrics

Make sophisticated supply chain dashboards

Tableau Supply Chain solutions often contain multiple software and logistics systems. Tableau software integrates with many of the most common data sources. Using Tableau you can combine views from multiple data sources so that you can highlight, filter and see trends, no matter where your data lives.

From sales revenue versus the costs, to changes over time, to forecasting based upon the existing metrics, Tableau lets you integrate your multiple logistics systems into flexible, interactive dashboards. You can combine the dashboards to create powerful tabbed applications.

Quickly visualize and easily analyzing the data are the key to a business value acquirement. Locus IT provides Tableau SCM training, Tableau SCM implementation and Tableau SCM support. Contact us to find out more about how Tableau can help you to achieve success for your organization.

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