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SAP Supply Chain Capabilities

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SAP Supply Chain Capabilities

Respond to new market expectations with real-time SAP Supply Chain planning capabilities and powered by in memory computing technology within SAP HANA, this cloud-based solution combines capabilities for sales and operations; response, demand, and supply planning; and inventory optimization.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time scenarios and simulation
  • Social collaboration
  • Powerful predictive analytics

Better decision making across the supply chain

  • Increase end-to-end visibility
  • Improve on-time delivery performance
  • Decrease overall inventory levels while reducing risk
  • Reduce supply chain cost by boosting supply chain agility.

SAP Supply Chain Key Benefits

  • Achieve a rapid deployment

Get up and quickly run with SAP Integrated Business Planning by using preconfigured process templates for an accelerated implementation.

  • Empower employees with intuitive features

Offer a unified, intuitive user experience with SAP Fiori and simulation and planning capabilities based on Microsoft Excel.

  • Plan resources effectively

Optimize your resource efficiency by creating supply plans based on allocations, prioritized demands,  and supply chain constraints.

Key Capabilities

  • Integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower

Gain visibility end-to-end for your decision support, supply chain, and fast corrective action through integration with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower.

  • Forecasting and demand management

Get full demand transparency with mid-term, short-term, and long-term forecasting. Take good advantage of best-in-class capabilities for statistical forecasting and demand sensing.

  • Inventory optimization

Establishing the optimal inventory targets that enable you to maximize profits, while leaving a buffer to help you meet unexpected demand.

  • Sales and operations planning

Deliver a cross-departmental sales and operations plan that balances service levels, inventory, and profitability.

  • Response and supply planning

Optimize resourcing efficiency by creating supply plans based on allocations, prioritized demands, and supply chain constraints.

Locus IT provides Supply Chain Management services like Supply Chain migration, Supply Chain upgradation. Our support staff are dedicated, experienced, and ready to respond quickly to your needs. For more details please contact us.

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