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Oracle Supply Chain Analytics

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Oracle Supply Chain Analytics

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics delivers deep customer insight into inventory and orders data that empowers organizations to make better decisions in each of the stages across the entire supply chain  management lifecycle.

By utilizing actionable and fact-based insights, companies can enhance their current Supply Chain and Order Management processes to improve financial performance and customer satisfaction.

Supply Chain Analytics refers the to the improvement in the effectiveness and operational efficiency by enabling data-driven decisions at strategic, operational and tactical levels. It encompasses virtually the complete value chain:

Oracle Order Management and Supply Chain Analytics enables your organizations to assess inventory levels, likely product fulfillment needs, quickly identify potential order backlog issues and stay on the top of critical A or R and DSO issues. The insights gained from this audit delivers the actionable steps to address the short term issues and provide strategic input into how to transform the Order Management and Supply Chain process.

Integrated and Actionable Supply Chain

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics is a part of the Oracle BI Applications family and is designed to help leverage the power of timely and actionable information to improve the quality of decisions and ultimately optimize performance.

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics provides organizations with extensive visibility into the key factors within the order to cash process and company’s supply chain, including inventory management and finished goods.

Business Performance Benefits

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics provides source specific business adapters that’ll reduce the effort and time required to transform and extract data from disparate enterprise systems, including most legacy and leading commercial systems such as SAP and Oracle into integrated, easy-to-use, and actionable insight. The solutions will enables companies to more effectively manage their customers and improve business performance by:

  • Providing timely order, margin, cancellations, discounts and returns related data to operations departments; reducing the time spent compiling, reconciling, and consolidating data from fragmented systems, making proactive decisions, and taking action.
  • Improve inventory management for products that are consistently get into back-log due to lack of appropriate stock level.
  • Enabling companies for effectively manage their order booking, backlog and billing.
  • Improving cash collections by identifying slow-paying customers or billing issues and reducing DSO (Days sales outstanding)
  • Analyzing discounts, order cancellation and returns, inventory levels

Next-Generation Business Intelligence Platform

Oracle Supply Chain is built on the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Platform, a next-generation analytics platform that fully leverages business intelligence investments and existing data warehouse.

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics Applications

Supply Chain Analytics provide complete insight into inventory, order transactions and fulfillment analysis across channel type, customer category, product divisions, sales organization, shipping location, inventory locations and business

Oracle BI in Fusion Applications

  • Embedded Business Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Analytics for Fusion
  • Leverage your existing Oracle investments

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of some of the well-known industries and the particular challenges that currently exists in this industry. We provide Supply Chain support, Supply Chain training, and Supply Chain implementation services and can help you to plan and design a solution using proven tools that meet your specific needs, streamlining operations, and increasing profit.

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