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Oracle Supply Chain Analytics Overview

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Oracle Supply Chain Analytics Overview

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics, part of the Oracle BI Applications product line, enable organizations to optimize their supply side performance by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain and enabling executives, managers, and frontline employees to make more informed and actionable decisions.

Organizations using Oracle Supply Chain Analytics benefit from increased visibility into the complete supply chain process, including comprehensive procurement and spend analysis, supplier performance analysis, inventory analysis, and supplier payables analysis.

Through complete end-to-end insight into the factors that impact supply chain performance, organizations can significantly reduce costs, enhance profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and gain competitive advantage.

Faster Time-to-Value and Better Business Results

  • Most organizations struggle to obtain timely and relevant data from their enterprise systems.
  • Initially, there is both the volume and the complexity of enterprise data, which is often the fragmented across many disparate systems and departments.
  • Second, the traditional BI systems used by many organizations can’t provide timely, cross-value chain insight nor deliver it to large numbers of front-line users where it has the greatest impact.

Better Supply Side Effectiveness in Oracle Supply Chain Analytics

  • Oracle Supply Chain Analytics provide comprehensive visibility into every aspect of the company’s supply chain, including raw materials procurement, supplier performance, inventory management, finished goods, and delivery effectiveness.
  • Oracle Supply Chain Analytics are tightly combined with the other solutions in the Oracle BI (Business Intelligence) Applications product line.
  • They combine data from procurement, planning, inventory, and fulfillment systems with data from across the organization, including financial systems and customer relationship management (CRM) to deliver robust information to enhance customer satisfaction, increase operational effectiveness, and improve financial performance.
  • Oracle Supply Chain Analytics provide hundreds of powerful metrics, alerts, and reports, delivered though intelligence dashboards, or mobile devices, that provide near real-time insight into the entire supply chain operation, enabling users across all roles to make better decisions and take appropriate actions.

Improved Business Performance

Organizations depend on the timely information to optimize performance. However, most organizations lack this kind of insight because the data they need is housed in disparate systems, including back-office, legacy, and CRM systems. The solution allows the businesses to more efficiently manage their customers and improve business performance by:

  • Providing timely direct and indirect spending data to all the departments reducing the time spent compiling, resolving and consolidating the data from the fragmented systems and spending more time analyzing, making proactive decisions and taking action
  • Analyzing detailed, transaction level data to understand the factors driving the supplier performance, inventory costs and the profitability across the business units, geographic locations, sales territories, customers, products and the distribution channels
  • Optimizing cash flow through detailed accounts payable, procurement and the inventory analysis and improving performance by identifying the worst performing suppliers in terms of schedule adherence or pricing inconsistencies

Next-Generation Business Intelligence Platform

  • Oracle Supply Chain Analytics are built on the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Platform, a next-generation analytics platform that fully leverages existing data warehouse and BI investments.
  • Using a metadata centric architecture, it is designed to support the growing needs of the business user while minimizing the IT maintenance and administration.
  • Oracle Supply Chain Analytics are built using the standards based technology, enabling easy integration with existing IT environments and support for all leading RDBMS products and commercial and custom enterprise applications.
  • Moreover, the Oracle Supply Chain Analytics support large numbers of concurrent users, multi terabyte data sets and the largest enterprise implementations.

Proactive Intelligence

  • Urgent business circumstances demand immediate attention.
  • Oracle BI Applications provide proactive, event-based, and scheduled alerts that are delivered directly to the users via email, mobile phones and the other portable devices or to their personalized dashboard.
  • This provides powerful information in the hands of those who have to make daily decisions not just at the end of the quarter.

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics Modules

Oracle Supply Chain Analytics provide robust supply-side information, metrics, and alerts that integrate with the other applications in Oracle BI Applications product line.

The following modules are currently offered:

Procurement and Spend Analytics

Provides complete visibility into the direct and the indirect spend across the enterprise, payment and employee expenses. The example analyses are spent using the Commodity and the Supplier, by Purchase Org, Cost Center and expense by Employee, Buyer, etc.

Supplier Performance Analytics

Enables organizations to have a complete picture of the performance of the performance of their suppliers, including complete supplier scorecards, procurement cycle times, supplier price performance, delivery performance, product receipt quality, on-time payment ratings, payment activity and volume and payments due / overdue analysis.

Inventory Analytics

Incorporates analysis of inventory held by an organization; bill of materials; and inventory movements in, out, and through manufacturing plants, distribution centers, or storage locations.

Locus IT has a thorough knowledge of some of the well-known industries and the particular challenges that exists in this industry. We provide Oracle Supply Chain support, Oracle Supply Chain training, and Oracle Supply Chain implementation services and can help you to plan and design a solution using proven tools that meet your specific needs, streamlining operations, and increasing profit. For more details please contact us.

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